Canaima National Park

Canaima National Park, roughly the same size as Belgium, is the sixth-largest national park in the entire world. It is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse biodiversity, and unique landscapes. The park is known for the Tepuis, picturesque enormous flat-topped mountains that seem to touch the sky. Waterfalls tumble from these cliffs, creating a beautiful scene. With an extensive area of 30,000 square km and its remoteness, The Canaima National Park is named the Lost World.

💡 Fact : The area inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s dinosaur-filled novel, “The Lost World,” which was later an inspiration to the author Michael Crichton while writing “Jurassic Park


1- Canaima National Park's Location:

Venezuela map
  • Southeastern Venezuela.


Caracas to Canaima flights

The usual route was from Caracas to Ciudad Bolivar, followed by a small aircraft or boat voyage to Canaima. However, there are now direct flights from Caracas to Canaima National Park, making it just 1 hour to reach Canaima.

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3- Top Things to do in Canaima National Park :

Canaima National Park Full guide - things to do in canaima

1- Angel Falls

Angel Falls Itinerary

Within the boundaries of Canaima National Park lies Angel Falls (Salto Ángel), the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall. This natural wonder is a major attraction and draws visitors from around the globe. Check the full guide on Angel Falls : Angel Falls Full Guide

2- Monte Roraima

Uniting Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana at its 45 km long flat summit, Monte Roraima is a testament to the immense forces that shaped our planet. Believed to be one of the oldest geological formations on Earth with a towering height of 2810 m, is home to plants and animals found nowhere else in the world. Monte Roraima is a perfect destination for those who seek a true adventure to explore the towering cliffs and unique landscapes of the mountain till they reach the lost world at its summit.

Fact : Monte Roraima and Canaima National park inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s dinosaur-filled novel, “The Lost World,” which was later an inspiration to the author Michael Crichton while writing “Jurassic Park.

Best Time To Visit Monte Roraima :

Roraima better to visited in the dry season of Canaima National Park: December to May.

Itinerary :

  • Departing and ending in Santa Elena de Uairen.
  • Duration : 6 day 5 nights – Hike (total trip going and coming back) 
  • Distance Covered :The whole trip covers a distance of 85 Kilometers hiking over the 6 days
  • Accommodation :
    5 night(s) in tents with mats + sleeping bags/ Portable toilette
Picture showing Monte Roraima as one of top things to do in canaima national park

Best Tour Operator :

3- Kavak Cave

Picture showing kavac village as one of top things to do in canaima national park

Have you ever imagined being in a place that doesn’t feel real, like a waterfall inside a cave with a natural pool ? well if yes, Cueva Kavac ( Kavak cave) will be the perfect match. Cueva Kavac is found inside the jungle of Canaima national park in Venezuela, after trekking through the rainforest for some time , you reach the gorge where you can enjoy swimming there and taking amazing pictures

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Picture showing Auyan tepui as one of top things to do in canaima national park

Kamarata Valley, situated in the Kavak region southeast of Canaima National Park, is an indigenous village inhabited by the Pemón group (indigenous people of the rainforest)

What makes Canaima truly special is its people—the Pemon indigenous tribe. They have lived in harmony with this land for generations and welcome visitors with open arms, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to engage with their culture and way of life

Activities in Kamarata Village :

  • Exploring the jungle
  • Visiting nearby waterfalls
  • Learning about Pemon Culture

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5- Salto El Sapo & Hacha

Hacha Waterfall in Canaima National Park

credits to : Waku Lodge

Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Canaima that look at the lagoon with a lot of green sceneries around

Hacha Waterfall, a charming waterfall with a cave at its heart, will be waiting for you. After climbing some stone steps, you’ll arrive at the entrance of its cave, between the stone and the emblematic water curtain

6- Go Wildlife Watching

Canaima National Park animals

Being the sixth largest national park in the entire world , Canaima national park has a very diverse ecosystem. It is home to a rich array of wildlife such as birds, reptiles and mammals

you can witness over 100 species of birds such as Hummingbirds, Toucans & the crested Caracara.

Canaima is home to large mammals as Giant Armadillo, Giant Otter or if you are lucky enough you can spot the elegant Cougars, Jaguars that live there.

there is also a large number of reptiles lurking in the region such as Anacondas & Crocodiles ( Orinoco & Caiman)

Tips for wildlife watching :

  • Go Early in the morning to spot them
  • Wear Earthy-toned clothes to blend in with the rainforest, for the animals not to quickly flee
  • Bring a flashlight

7- Auyan tepui

Picture showing Auyan tepui as one of top things to do in canaima national park

The Auyan tepui is one of the largest table mountains. These ancient formations are among the oldest geological structures on Earth and are a defining feature of the park’s landscape.

You can do a hike to the summit , the same route used by Jimmy Angel ( the one who discovered the Angel Falls). Stepping onto the summit is like landing on another planet. You’ll discover an unearthly landscape of black stone (very different to Mount Roraima), carnivorous plants, orchids, bromeliads, amazing ferns, golden tanin-infused rivers, as well as amphibians, insects and birds.

Tour Operators :

  • Red Fern Adventures

8-Helicopter tours

You can view the Canaima national park’s main attractions from the top : Angel Falls & Monte Roraima . an experience that way a different than from on ground and totally worth it

4-Tips For Canaima National Park :

Things to know before going to Canaima national park

Tips for canaima trip
  • You will need a guide to go anywhere in the national park for you safety and also is mandatory by the government
  • Tours might increase you expenses but it is very important to have an organized tour due to the remoteness of the park and to get the most out of the place
  • Vaccines are very important to avoid any bad diseases that can get to you from the insects
  • Don’t forget to include light clothing, insect repellent and sunscreen in your luggage.
  • Get a good travel insurance
  • Respect the wildlife and the environment of the Canaima Park.

5- Accommodation in Canaima National Park :

where to stay in canaima national park ?

Waku Lodge

Waku Lodge

credits to Waku Lodge

Wakü Lodge is an inn that lies on the shore of the Canaima Lagoon, with a view of the Falls Ucaima, Golondrina, Wadaima y Hacha. Besides its privileged location, Wakü blends with landscapes and jungles to offer a warming and comforting environment that feels just right and non intrusive.

Full of uncaged birds, Wakü has become a sanctuary for the parrots and toucans that decided to live with them . They appreciate the guest’s gestures, including petting and snacks.

Ara Meru Lodge

Ara Meru Lodge

In the middle of the jungle , the lodge stands out with impressive facilities and comfortable rooms inspired by the Canaima lagoon, its waterfalls and tepuis, to enjoy the wonders of the place with VIP service with a terrace with a 360-degree view to enjoy the wonderful view of the Canaima lagoon.

Campamento Ucaima, Jungle Rudy

Jungle Rudy’s Ucaima Camp in Venezuela is a small rustic lodge in Canaima National Park located on the banks of the Carrao River, above Hacha Falls with views of three tepuis and the Auyantepui in the distance.

Campamento Canaima

campamento canaima

The camp is made up of open spaces, where the only place that has four walls will be your room. they want you to be immersed in Nature and surrounded by the energy of Canaima throughout your stay. their best known area is the Lobby, which frames the great Laguna of Canaima, which you can see and hear from every corner of the Camp.

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