If you were to ask adventurers about the one bucket list adventure they all share, you’d likely hear tales of the Paradise Falls from the movie ‘UP.’ While many may think it’s not real, the truth is that Paradise Falls exists. Surprisingly, this cinematic wonder is inspired by a real place—Angel Falls, also known as Salto Angel in the local tongue of Canaima. Buried deep in the heart of the southeastern jungles of Venezuela, this natural wonder stands as the tallest waterfall in the world—16 times taller than the Niagara falls. It’s a dream destination on every adventurer’s bucket list. In this post, you will find all the information you need to make that dream journey come to life.

1- Angel Falls Height:

Picture for Angel falls

Angel Falls, towering at an astonishing height of 3,212 feet (979 meters), is three times as tall as the Eiffel Tower. The waterfall is named after the American pilot Jimmy Angel, who famously crashed his airplane atop the mountain that hosts the waterfall in 1930.

2- Angel falls location :

Angel Falls

Angel falls is situated on the side of an extremely large and high tepui known as Auyan Tepui. Angel Falls is a prominent natural wonder located in the Canaima National Park within the Gran Sabana region of southeastern Venezuela.

3- Canaima National Park:

Canaima National park

Canaima National Park is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, diverse biodiversity, and unique landscapes. The park is particularly famous for its towering flat-topped mountains, known as “tepuis.”

It is the starting point of the journey to Angel Falls.

4- How to plan Agnel falls trip ?

Canaima National Park

4.1- Best Time to visit Angel Falls:

First things first, timing is everything. To witness Angel Falls at its most magnificent, you should plan your trip during the rainy season, from May to November. This is when the waterfall is in full glory, with water cascading down from the towering Auyán-tepui plateau.

4.2- Can I plan my own trip to Angel Falls ?

Because of the remote location of Angel Falls and the challenges of navigating dense jungles and rivers, doing this adventure on your own is not feasible. To get the most out of the experience, it’s highly recommended that you book a guided tour.

4.3- How to reach Canaima National Park ?

Caracas to Canaima flights

The usual route was from Caracas to Ciudad Bolivar, followed by a small aircraft or boat voyage to Canaima. However, there are now direct flights from Caracas to Canaima National Park, making it just 1 hour to reach Canaima.

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4.4- How to reach your camp in Canaima National Park ?

Upon arrival, the tour operator takes you to your lodge, marking the starting point of your unforgettable journey to Angel Falls.

5- Angel Falls Itinerary :

Angel Falls Itinerary

Day 1 : Lodge & Laguna de Canaima

Upon your arrival at the lodge and resting for some time on the shores of Canaima Lagoon , The Group gets in the indigenous boats of the pemon people ( The jungle People) diving deep into the jungle lagoon to witness some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area including Hacha, Wadaima , Ucaima & Las Golondrinas where you can swim under them

Hacha Waterfall, a charming waterfall with a cave at its heart, will be waiting for you. After climbing some stone steps, you’ll arrive at the entrance of its cave, between the stone and the emblematic water curtain

Hacha Waterfall in Canaima National Park

Depending on the company or the lodge you will then move to the lodge or continue your journey to Angel Falls 

Day 2 : Canaima to Angel Falls

Boat to angel falls

You start your day with a delicious Breakfast prepared by the lodge. then get ready for a special journey by Curiaras, the indigenous boats, along the Carrao and Churun rivers. where you will navigate through the jungle, immersing yourself in the magical beauty of Canaima, exclusively preserved for its visitors. Eventually, the highest waterfall in the world, Salto Angel (Angel Falls) reveals itself in front of you.


The journey to the falls takes a few hours but is filled with pristine beauty. you will be able spot various jungle animals along the way and breathe in the pure air that recharges your energy. Afterward, you will embark on a trek of about an hour through the jungle to reach the camp facing Angel Falls, where you’ll spend the night.

Canaima Jungle trekking

Day 3 : Angel falls Sunrise to Canaima Lagoon Lodge

Waku Lodge

credits to : Waku Lodge

You get to watch the sunrise in front of the breathtaking falls before heading back to the main lodge in the Canaima lagoon. After freshening up, you get the opportunity to explore the charming Canaima Village, interact with the friendly locals and buy handicrafts as souvenirs if you wish.

then you prepare to depart on the same night or the following morning, depending on the package you have selected.

6- Tour Operators :

Angel Falls

When it comes to booking, you have two main options (through a tour company or through a Lodge ) :

  1. Osprey Expeditions:
    • Price: From 675 USD/person for a 4-day tour departing from Caracas (includes direct flights from Caracas to Canaima).
  2. Waku Lodge or Ara Meru Lodge:
    • Price: From 1200 USD/person.

If you’re in Ciudad Bolívar or Puerto Ordaz, you’ll find various tour companies offering different prices.

👉🏾 Note: Canaima National Park Fees are US$ 40 per person, not included in the packages (paid in cash).

7- Accommodations:

Waku Lodge

credits to : Waku Lodge

The accommodation experience itself is so amazing, where you stay in a lodge on the shore of the Canaima Lagoon, with a view of the falls and tepui mountains. surrounded by the sounds of the jungle that give you the feeling of the adventure

But since the program is quite big , you don’t get to stay in the lodge that much to enjoy its beauty so we recommend that you book extra night to stay at the lodge

8- What to pack for Angel Falls trip :

What to pack for Angel Falls trip ?
  • Sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Long Sleeves
  • Shorts / Pants
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Rain Poncho
  • Swimming suits
  • Towels
  • Small backpack for essentials
  • Dry bag
  • Personal Hygiene’s items
  • Portable Water Bottle
  • Camera (waterproof)
  • Binoculars
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Travel Insurance

A lot of information and things to pack ? We’ve created a free CHECKLIST to track everything you need. Get it from here : Angel Falls trip Checklist

9- Our Role in Saving Nature

Saving Environment

Being an adventurer is being a responsible traveler. As we go for a journey to Angel Falls and Canaima National Park, it’s our duty to safeguard the pristine beauty of these landscapes. We should implement travel practices that prioritize environmental preservation—leaving no trace, supporting eco-friendly tourism, and inspire others through responsible storytelling. By actively participating in conservation efforts, we contribute to the longevity of these natural wonders, ensuring they remain untouched for future generations.

Angel Falls isn’t just a waterfall; it’s an epic adventure waiting to be embraced. It’s the excitement of the unknown, the spectacle of nature’s magnificence, and the opportunity to connect with a culture deeply intertwined with its surroundings.

So, are you prepared to chase waterfalls, navigate the jungle, and immerse yourself in a world of adventure? Angel Falls is calling, and the journey promises to be nothing short of legendary. Enjoy your trip and as always :


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